A reliable way to create a great team is to run a Boot Camp. Boot Camp is a 5-day immersive simulation where teams can intensively practice the Core Protocols. In the simulation, the participants:

  1. Form a team
  2. Envision a product
  3. Agree on how it will be made
  4. Design and build it

The intense Boot Camp experience includes all of the failures and triumphs that occur with normal team formation; the creation of a team-shared vision; and the design, implementation, and delivery of a product. The days in each Boot Camp are packed with accelerated team dynamics; what usually takes a year or more is created in a few long days and nights of exceptionally deep engagement.

Becoming a Great Team

The training will teach you skills, but the main thing that Boot Camp provides is the experience of being on a great team. Having that feeling makes it easier to navigate back to greatness once you return to work with your team.

Boot Camps are helpful because they can produce a Booted team more quickly than if the team were to just use the Core Protocols during day-to-day work. Instructors help coach the team as they design and produce their product.

The new skills you learn help you notice the barriers to greatness that exist in your mind. Practicing the Core with others helps you strip those barriers away. Together with your team you use your skills and your greatness to ship a product. The growth is exhilarating, awkward, and painful all at once. You feel what being part of a high-performance team is like. Because – you actually are part of a high-performance team.

For Certified Core Instructors who can help you run a Boot Camp for your team, see the Resources page.