Check Out requires that your physical presence always signifies your engagement. You must Check Out when you are aware that you cannot maintain the Core Commitments or whenever it would be better for you to be elsewhere.


  1. Say “I’m checking out.”
  2. Physically leave the group until you’re ready to Check In once again.
  3. Optionally, if it is known and relevant, you can say when you believe you’ll return.
  4. Those who are present for the Check Out may not follow the person, talk to or about the person checking out or otherwise chase him or her.


  • Return as soon as you can and are able to keep the Core Commitments.
  • Return and Check In without unduly calling attention to your return.
  • Do not judge, shame, hassle, interrogate, or punish anyone who checks out.


  • When you Check Out do it as calmly and gracefully as possible so as to cause minimal disruption to others.
  • Check Out if your emotional state is hindering your success, if your receptivity to new information is too low, or if you do not know what you want.
  • Check Out is an admission that you are unable to contribute at the present time.

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