Think of the great people and great teams you have known – great people and great teams have a vision of the world they want to live in. They work toward this vision, overcoming whatever obstacles are in their way – dissension among themselves, other people not sharing their vision, lack of time and resources.

Great teams enter this state and stay there.

Best Practices

What if you could take the practices of these exceptional teams – the best of the best, teams that consistently delivered great products, spread the most happiness, and were the most effective at creating new opportunities – what if you could take what they know about Shared Vision and other things, and teach it to others? And what if these best practices were available for free, for anyone to use and improve on?

These practices are the Core Protocols.

What the Practices Do

The Core Protocols are a set of practices that enable people and teams to

  • learn results-oriented behaviors,
  • enter a state of shared vision and stay there,
  • trust each other,
  • stay rational and healthy,
  • make decisions effectively, and
  • keep moving toward the team’s goals.

In this state, teams can be very effective. Teams with these practices innovate, create, and get things done. (Read more about the characteristics of great teams.)

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