The Pass protocol is how you decline to participate in something. Use it anytime you don’t want to participate in an activity.


  1. When you’ve decided not to participate, say “I pass.”
  2. Unpass any time you desire. Unpass as soon as you know you want to participate again by saying “I unpass.”


  • Hold reasons for passing private.
  • Pass on something as soon as you are aware you are going to pass.
  • Respect the right of others to pass without explanation.
  • Support those who pass by not discussing them or their pass.
  • Do not judge, shame, hassle, interrogate or punish anyone who passes.


  • In general, you will not be in good standing with your Core Commitments if you pass most of the time.
  • You can pass on any activity; however, if you have adopted the Core Commitments, you cannot pass on a Decider vote and you must say “I’m in” when checking in.
  • You can pass even though you have already started something.

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